Brenmar asked us to rebuild their site in a way that would make their projects stand out on the market, be interactive and intuitive to use.

The project showcases some of the most outstanding homes that Brenmar have build in a full screen scalable flash site. The site includes an interactive image gallery, process time line, and many other features.

Working on Brenmar's project helped me bring my interactive skills to a whole new level.

Design, Html, Flash




BPFS wanted silenceIT to help them rebrand and develop a more sophisticated web presence.

One of the most interesting WordPress projects I got to work on. The site is build in a way that most of it sections can be edited by the client. That development took some of try and error, but we managed greatly to BPFS satisfaction.

Another feature we wanted to introduce in this site was HTML5 and CSS3. For the final project we only used CCS3 Animation on the home page.

Design, Html, Css, Css3, WordPress


Hill & Gully


Hill & Gully Riders asked silenceIT to help improve their web presence. Our goal was to design that would appeal to HGR versatile target audience.

Working on this great snowmobiling was a dive into my first Joomla learning experience. The bilingual aspect of the sit presented a few challenges, but we stood to the task. The site has many other features like photo gallery, interactive trail map, exact weather report, and PayPal pass sale.

HGR managers were very pleased with our work, and were amazed by their improved traffic numbers.

Design, Html, Css, Joomla




We were asked by GoldenEar to build them a new site for the worldwide introduction of their product line-up at CEDIA EXPO 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia

One of the most challenging projects I got to work on.

The site has many excellent features like content driven home page slider, product galleries, registration form, enthusiasts forums, and a custom build dealer locator.

Design, Html, Css, Joomla


Bubbles in the Air


An extension to my favorite project, Bubbles in the Air-the book.

As I was browsing thought designers sites I got inspired to remake our Bubbles web site. I wanted to make it less commercial and much more creative and to make the make the book the main feature of the site.

Adding Colouring Pages, interactive Bubbles book and a Pop the Bubbles game was a decision driven by a need to make the site more desirable and friendly for all ages.

The last results show, that the site and the game are being visited regularly.

Don't forget to play the game

Design, Tablet Illustration,
Photoshop Colouring, Html, Css, Flash


interactive illustration contact graphic




Osgoode Village Community Association asked burbek to produce a logo and print materials for 2011 Kingdom of Osgoode Medieval Festival .

The logo that I have designed as part of the package, is based of Osgoode Village crest. The package also included a set of posters, envelope staffers and tickets.

The design uses gothic letters and old paper texture to have a simple medieval feel without using any knights or medieval images.

Design, Logo Design, Layout


Councillor Doug Thompson


While we working on Councillor Doug Thompson's re-election site, we were also asked to redevelop a previously build website to match the new theme.

Councillor Thompson wanted his staff to be able to easily edit the pages, upload pictures and send updates and newsletters to his ward.

The new site was build with bims (burbek's inhouse CMS platform) and list all of the requested features. We got many compliments from his staff on the ease of managing their new site and it's different functions.

Design, Html, Css, Flash


Classic Cycle


C.C.C approached burbek with a request to design them a new logo and print materials.

As the main direction they wanted something like the Orange County Choppers logo.

Design, Logo Design, Layout




Valentine's Day was approaching and Floweraibow approached me with a request to build a quick Facebook page for them. They wanted to try something new this year - launch a facebook page to make more people aware about their business and promotions.

I have created a FBML(r.i.p) page with images of a few promotions that they were having and linked them back to their site. In my design I wanted to refrain from bright pinks or harts - the usual Valent's theme, and create something more subtle and elegant instead.

Design, HTML, Css, FBML

graphic illustration contact interactive



V.I.P Landscaping approached us with a request to move their old site into burbek's bims CMS platform.

One of the key elements of the site was an interactive flash gallery. It lets the client load before and after project pictures in the backend. And the users have the ability to expend and move the before picture and also read project related information as they browse the gallery.

Design, Html, CS2, Flash


the Bubbles


As part of the Bubbles in the Air site I have created an interactive flash game.

The goal of the game was to give the website more depth, for the same reason I had made the colouring pages - to make the user come back for more. The game has 3 speed levels: easy - Mr.Turtle, medium - Rabbit and hard - Cheetah. It is a cool and fun game for almost every age.

Design, Tablet Illustration,
Photoshop Colouring, Html, Css, Flash


Send a Letter


A school project we received from Amnesty International. After a short draw, I got the "Send the Latter" campaign. The purpose was to let people know, that by sending letters to prisoners, they help them carry out their sentence, and can even help them in reducing their term.

I decided to create a game in which you help to free a prisoner by sending letters. The project was picked by Amnesty and was intended to be used on their site.

Design, Illustration, Flash

graphic interactive contact illustration

Bubbles in the Air


One of the latest and most enjoyable projects I have worked on so far. Having complete creative freedom was definitely a bonus.

With my illustrations, I wanted to introduce the young readers into the imaginary, fun and exiting world of Bubbles, where everything seems to be possible. Even riding a bubble to the moon.

Design, Tablet Illustration,
Photoshop Colouring




An illustrated poster for Nike Play that captures movement.

The thing I really liked about this project was the development stage. We had to produce as many sketches as possible to make sure we finalized the best one of them all. It took me about 20 pages of drawings until I felt I had the best movement feeling.

Ink, Pencil Crayons




A Polish style poster design. We had to choose a festival or any other event and come up with an illustrated Polish style poster for it.

This is one of my personal favourites. The scratch board effect turned out really well: even better than I expected. I got so carried away with it, that I even created all the logos and text with the technique.

The concept of the poster was to show different movies coming from all over Toronto. I know that using the CN Tower is a bit cliché, but it is the best landing spot in the whole GTA. You Can't beat that!

Design, Scratch Board, Photoshop Colouring

graphic interactive illustration motion



Animated Identity project.

We were asked to choose a known brand, or a fictional one, and animate it using After Effects. After searching for a few days I decided to use Finlandia as my brand.

I found their vector logo on Best Brands, cut and modified it in illustrator and then used the puppet tool to make the dear run. The funny part was trying to figure out how to make their movement look as real as possible

Design, Flash, After Effects




Our last motion project was to create a title sequence for a movie in After Effects.

I watched a lot of movie titles trying to get in the right mood. And then it hit me, I could use my daughter doll house for the project. I took stills photos, and compiled the whole thing in After Effects.

Design, Photography, After Effects

graphic interactive in the community


In this section I am listing some of the blog posts that I have written on a variety of topics in the last few years.


illustration graphic interactive contact


Hello, my name is Ivan.
And I love design.


I was born in Russia 30 years ago. I also lived in Israel for 14 years, and my family moved to Canada 9 years ago.

Apart from my full time job, I also work on freelance projects from time to time.

I love spending time with my family: my wife Sveta, daughter Stacy, and son Vlad. I like watching good movies, shopping, exercising, and I'm hoping finally to get to the gym one of these days.

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