Bubbles in the Air

We were approached by Lynn Gibeault and tasked to illustrate Bubbles in the Air. It is an excellent kid’s book and the project turned into a fun case study in illustration.

Bigger letters and colourful illustrations were used in order to appeal to younger audiences and make it easier for them to read. Many “Easter Egg” surprises were hidden within the book’s pages to encourage dipper interaction with the story.

To promote the book online, an e-commerce site full of enjoyable content was created. Besides the e-commerce section the site includs kid friendly content such as downloadable colouring pages, opportunity to flip through a Flash version of the book, and a crowd favourite: “Pop the Bubbles” Flash game.

  • ux-ui
  • conception & design
  • illustration & layout
  • identity
  • ecommerce site
  • game development
  • promotional items